Vaxleth List: In Beta

So, shipping is apparently a big deal or whatever to some of you Critters. Due to popular demand of a certain half-elf/half-elf ship, we’re going to break our normal protocol in stat-gathering to try an experiment.

Here is the shared link to our current progress on Vaxleth moments. This list is not final, and should be considered in beta. We will have a full post to the blog when we’re over 95% confident that the list is complete up to the most recent episode. (Yes, we plan to keep updating it as time goes on.)

If you would like to help with this effort, we have enabled commenting. If there are any moments that you recall that are not on the list, please provide a comment with the episode, timestamp, and a short description. We’ll add all of these moments to the list after we have confirmed them.

And to the fanfic authors out there: it’s a start.