Vex Winks

“With great winks come great responsibility.” -Vex, probably.

Gif by @ledamemangociana.Credit to @thesingingbadger and @kathatherine for compiling, organizing, and editing the list from the submissions!

01 Arrival at Kraghammer (rusty-diamond, BurdenedWithNoPurpose)

  • (0:16:00) Laura winks OOC while introducing Vex to the stream
  • (0:23:59) Dwarf, after bribing him with shiny gold.
  • (0:24:18) Dwarf, after complimenting his armor.
  • (1:25:21) Scanlan, after trying to get tips for “Trinket’s” act.
  • (1:51:04) Carvers, telling them she’ll save them a bottle of Thistleblood Wine

02 Enter the Greyspine Mines (rusty-diamond, kathatherine, Billiebluejean)

  • (0:39:05) Hirus, after saying goodbye before they go shopping
  • (0:55:31) Master Thunderbrand, after Vax assures him that Vox Machina is “here to help.”
  • (0:55:40) Laura winks OOC after asking for advantage for her wink.

03 through 13: None.

14 Shopping and Shipping (BurdenedWithNoPurpose, dragonmustang01)

  • (1:24:38) Seeker Asum, after noticing he’s a bit of a fanboy of Vox Machina.
  • (1:58:21) The crowd that recognizes Vox Machina, at Vax’s suggestion.

15 Skyward (thesingingbadger, ashesofvalkana)

  • (0:35:54) Karen the Blacksmith, coaxing her to come look at Trinket.

16 Enter Vasselheim (thesingingbadger)

  • (0:06:50) Laura winks OOC while pretending to be their intro video.
  • (0:40:35) Tiberius, after Grog facetiously says, “You don’t have any arcane abilities anyway, right?”
  • (0:44:02) Random people, as they notice Vex on the roofs of Vasselheim.
  • (1:17:23) The Bastions guarding the door to the Hall of Exalt. “At ease, soldiers.”

17 and 18: None.

19 Trial of the Take Part 2 (thesingingbadger)

  • (0:41:36) Matt, Laura winks OOC after revealing her persuasion roll for Grog in absentia is a Nat1.
  • (1:18:55) Trinket, as Zahra is speaking to him.

20 and 21: None.

22 AraMente to Pyrah (tux3d0_mask)

  • (1:19:23) Keyleth, drunkenly as Keyleth is talking about her people.
  • (1:23:45) Bartender, a strong wink with a 5 gold tip for the last round.

23 The Rematch (SinkingMyShips)

  • (2:21:10) Bastion of the Temple of Kord, after he is informed that Earthbreaker Groon is, indeed, a fan of Grog.
  • (2:51:30) Kainen Liore, as Vax is telling him to train and get better.

24 The Feast (thesingingbadger)

  • (2:06:55) Master Thunderbrand, following Tiberius’s failed persuasion.

25 through 29: None.

30 Stoke the Flames (thesingingbadger)

  • (2:33:09) Chancellor Desnet, while Seeming as a crazy-eyed old woman.

31 through 34: None.