Volunteer Housekeeping

Holy Cows and Consequences, Critters, when we asked for help, you delivered! To say that we’re floored by the volume and generosity of all of you would be an understatement.

Team Stats is going to be largely unavailable tomorrow for Thanksgiving festivities, so we have a couple of housekeeping items to take care of today:

  • If you are still interested in watching an episode for us, we would absolutely love your assistance! We have enough Word Counts on our Current Projects chart that a single episode takes 4 or 5 critters to complete. Here’s our original post with how to contact us.
  • If we emailed/tumblr messaged you about watching an episode, and you haven’t messaged us back yet to verify that the episode is ok for you, please do so soon so we know if we need to reassign stats to another volunteer.
  • If you messaged us over the last few days and we haven’t responded, it means we didn’t get your message and our ask box went Mimic. Email seems to be the more reliable option, critrolestats@gmail.com.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, and Is It Next Thursday Yet? to everyone else!