Vox Machina: Turnt Up

Drinks all around!

Well, except maybe during these times. I hear good things about Wah-Turr… Updated as of episode 38.*

  1. Party (ep13, 2:19:07) Pub crawl to celebrate escape from the Underdark.
  2. Vax’ildan (ep14, 2:48:20) After a pleasant afternoon out with Gilmore.
  3. Grog (ep17, 1:24:05) A disappointing evening after a disappointing defeat.
  4. Vex’ahlia (ep22, 1:14:12) A day of material loss drives the treasurer to drink.
  5. Party (ep23, 1:45:05) After Grog’s victory in the Crucible, they commence celebration, continuing throughout the afternoon (1:58:27).
  6. Tiberius (ep26, 2:15:43) A frustrating turn of events turns the dragonborn to fire water.
  7. Keyleth (ep38, 0:40:02) Vox Machina’s second pub crawl results in a very drunk druid. Keyleth doesn’t want to go home, so Grog suggests four shots of Firewater (0:52:18). After a bit of “druidcrafting” (0:57:28), Pike casts Lesser Restoration to remove the hangover, but keep the buzz going (1:02:45).

*Note that we’re still waiting on drunk showcases from Pike, Scanlan, and Percy!