We Want YOUR Help (Again)!

Critical Role is off this coming week for San Diego Comic Con.  We’re hoping to use the next week to catch up on some of our projects.  We made some serious headway during the previous week off, thanks completely to our wonderful volunteers.  We’re very close to finishing some of the statistics we’ve been tracking for months upon months!  

To do that, we need your help, Critters! If you’re interested in watching a previous episode-any episode (seriously)-and would be willing to listen or watch for any of the Critter requests on our Current Projects charts, there are a few ways you can get in touch with us:

  • Message us here, on Tumblr, preferably non-anonymously. If you’re messaging anonymously, PLEASE include a way we can get in contact with you otherwise.
  • If you’re open to watching any episode, we’ll send you a suggestion or two.  Please message us back to confirm!
  • Email us at critrolestats@gmail.com.
  • Leave a comment saying who you are on our charts in the box(es) of what stat(s) you’re claiming. When you get done, either email us the information or comment in the chart again.
  • Send A a tweet on twitter at @critrolestats.  

Looking for other ways to help the Critter community at large? Here are some options:

Nominate for Critical Role for the Streamy Awards!

Nominations for the Streamy Awards is going on right now, ending Monday, July 18th!  There have been some questions about what categories to nominate CR for.  Consider voting for them for Live, Gaming, and Ensemble Cast.  You’ll have to submit individual ballots for each one of those.

Critical Role Transcriptions

If you’re looking to help transcribe the CR episodes, head on over to https://t.co/6SQoPPGAtC to sign up!

Critical Role Wikia

Have you ever checked out the Critical Role Wikia? If there are things you wonder about the game or the realm of Exandria, consider heading over there; @Vegancritter does a fantastic job of maintaining it. If there’s information you’d like to see on it that’s not there yet, considering sending VC a message to see how you can help get that information up there!

Critical Role Fan Creations

If you’re creating Critical Role fanart, make sure you tag it with #CriticalRole. If you’re perusing fanart, gifsets, panel videos, or fanfiction, make sure to give the creator some love!

Donations to Cast-Selected Charities

In the giving spirit? Consider sending a donation to any of the cast-selected charities listed here.