“We’re all gonna die!”

Laura is quite the optimist. Updated as of Episode 35.

Total times a party member cried TPK: 21

Times Laura said that they were due for a TPK: 11

02 Into the Greyspine Mines (kathatherine, BillieBlueJean)

  • (1:56:58) Laura: “We’re all gonna die!” in response to Percy’s gun jamming

04 Attack on the Duergar Warcamp (@allessier)

  • (1:23:35) Vax: “Scanlan, we are probably going to die tonight.”

07 The Throne Room (ashesofvalkana, rusty-diamond, luminarycas)

  • (1:09:34) Laura: (garbled through her hand) “Oh my god, we’re gonna die” in response to Vax getting attacked by an Illithid.
  • (2:46:40) Laura: “Unless we’re all dead next week.”
  • (3:04:06) Laura, while waiting on Tiberius’s turn: “We’re all gonna die!” 
  • (3:23:40) Liam: (quietly) “TPK….TPK…” when magma starts pouring into the room.

10 K’varn Revealed (rusty-diamond)

  • (1:47:50) Percy: (despairing) “We’re going to die” after Scanlan, Tiberius, and Vax begin squabbling amongst themselves.

13 Escape from the Underdark (dragonmustang01)

  • (0:35:59) Laura: “We’re all gonna die” after Travis says “We’re f***ing fighting brains and mindflayers again.”
  • (0:45:14) Travis: “We’re all dead.”
  • (0:56:42) Liam: “I personally can’t wait till we roll new characters for next show.”
  • (1:31:39) Laura: (laughing a bit hysterically) “Oh my god … we’re gonna die” as trolls start trying to shove their way into the temple

15 Skyward (thesingingbadger)

  • (2:15:21) Pike: (after the gryphon chucks the guard overboard) “We could attach [a rope or grasping vine] around all of ourselves, and where we go one, we go all.”

18 Trial of the Take, Part 1 (@Tux3d0_mask)

  • (1:36:10) Matt: “You’re all gonna die!” in response to all the terrible initiative rolls
  • (1:41:43) Laura: “We’re all gonna die!” after learning that the direwolf gets advantage to attack.

19 Trial of the Take, Part 2 (thesingingbadger)

  • (2:29:40) Felicia Day: “It’s a good thing it’s a whole new team next week, ‘cause we’re all gonna die!”

30 Stoke the Flames (thesingingbadger)

  • (0:07:33) Laura: “We’re all gonna die when we’re goofy looking.”

31 Gunpowder Plot (thesingingbadger)

  • (p1.0:53:36) Laura: “I like that Scanlan takes out an entire house, and we’re all probably going to die.”
  • (p1.1:10:12) Laura: “We’re all gonna die” after three of the ten crossbow men crit while attacking Grog. Liam: “Merry Critmas.”  

32 Against the Tide of Bone (thesingingbadger)

  • (3:29:04) Taliesin: “Let’s memorize where we’re all going to die” after Matt shows the dungeon map for a split second at the end of the episode.

34 Race to the Ziggurat (thesingingbadger)

  • (26:21) Scanlan: “Just to point out, before we all go in and kill ourselves…”
  • (1:20:56) Laura: “Oh my God, we’re gonna die” after most of Vox Machina get trapped in the acid pit.
  • (2:35:16) Laura: “We’re gonna die!” after Taliesin says “We’re gonna be fine!”