What We Know About Kynan Leore: A List

eclairqueen asked: I was wondering if it would be possible to get a list of timestamps of when Kynan is mentioned/focused on?

We were going to write our own summary of the roguish rogue, but we figured we couldn’t do any better than the description from the DM himself:

“A young man, low born and motherless, dreaming of purpose and meaning to his existence. A father beaten by his own failures and loss, venting his own regrets on his son. The boy wakes to a burning drive to change his fortune, to make every step he takes count to saving this crumbling life that surrounds him. This is the day he rises above a butcher’s son to begin his own journey. He’s seen what heroes look like, what they can do. He will become one.”

Kynan’s history has been less secretive to us than the other characters we’ve focused on, so rather than an in-depth analysis, we present: the full list of timestamps of when Kynan has been mentioned or present. Updated through Episode 73.

23 The Rematch

  • (2:41:05) Vox Machina’s first encounter with Kynan, an older teenage fanboy who wants to join their intrepid band of adventurers.

24 The Feast

  • (1:10:48) Vax buys Kynan three daggers from Gilmore’s Glorious Goods.
  • (1:34:00) Vax goes looking for Kynan at Harold the Butcher’s house/shop in the Lower Slums, but is told that Kynan has run away, and not for the first time.

27 The Path to Whitestone

  • (2:09:40) Vax spends most of his week before leaving for Whitestone across the street from Harold the Butcher’s house, watching for Kynan.

68 Cloak and Dagger

  • (1:27:28) Vax catches sight of Ripley, Kynan (though he doesn’t know it at the time), and Ripley’s goliath companion.
  • (1:47:30) Laura and Liam get the whisper from Matt that tells them that the rogue with Ripley is Kynan.
  • (2:15:40) Kynan attacks Grog with Whisper.
  • (2:31:12) Kynan attacks Grog.
  • (2:42:50) Vax uses his turn to run towards Kynan and calls out to him.
  • (2:50:14) Kynan attacks Keyleth.
  • (3:20:50) Vax runs towards Kynan and Keyleth, shouting to Kynan to reconsider which side he’s on.
  • (3:07:23) Percy attacks Kynan with Diplomacy and the Dragonslayer Longsword.
  • (3:38:18) Vax again begs Kynan to join Vox Machina’s side.
  • (3:41:50) Kynan attacks, and knocks out, Keyleth.
  • (4:01:46) Kynan attacks Orthax.

69 Passed Through Fire

  • (0:10:35) Kynan is shellshocked, and gives Whisper to Vax.
  • (0:11:26) Kynan and Vax talk about how Kynan came to be in the service of Ripley.
  • (0:23:40) Kynan tells the group about the stone that Ripley used to listen in on them.
  • (0:24:56) Kynan tells VM about the cave.
  • (0:33:35) Scanlan takes Kynan with him to look for the onyx dog state.
  • (0:50:45) Vax invites Kynan into the mansion.
  • (0:52:50) In the morning, it is noted that Kynan didn’t sleep. Grog tries to motivate him to stop moping around-it doesn’t work.
  • (1:57:09) Vax introduces Jarett to Kynan.
  • (2:12:40) Pike checks out how Kynan is doing.
  • (2:19:24) Vax tells Kynan about the daggers he bought him and how he visited the butcher shop.

70 Trust

  • (2:23:24) Percy and Vax discuss putting Kynan in charge of teaching people how to use Ripley’s firearms.
  • (2:43:50) Vax talks with Kynan about teaching people how to use Ripley’s firearms, and gives him two of the daggers he bought plus the Keen Dagger.
  • (2:52:23) Percy takes Kynan for a stroll under the pretense of teaching him about the guns and Whitestone, but it’s really to get him out of earshot of the Raishan discussion. 

73 The Coming Storm

  • (1:08:37) Vax talks with Kynan before meeting with the council and Raishan. Vax asks Kynan to keep an eye on Cassandra, and then gives Kynan his Simon the Snake Belt.