What We Know About Raishan: A Summary

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The most cunning, treacherous, and arcanely gifted of the Conclave made her bold power play. As with our past two compilations, we’ve gathered everything stated about Raishan in a document here. Summary below the cut (all facts, spoilers through episode 69), along with a brief summary of what we know about her capabilities from both the show and the Monster Manual.


  • Green dragons, in general, are manipulative, finding pleasure in power over others through deceit and promises of wealth and glory. They corrupt, they play subservient to other dragons, and then plot their demise to claim their hordes. (Ep 57, MM)
  • They amass powerful allies- human and beyond- to do their will, bending them and using them as tools. (Ep 57, MM)
  • Prior to the Chroma Conclave, Raishan resided in the Stormcrest Mountains outside of Syngorn. (Ep 57)
    • She had a large following of lizardfolk, similar to Thordak. (Ep 57, 60)
  • Though some have tried to raid her lair, they have only been met with horrific death. (Ep 57)
    • Raishan is a very practiced arcane practitioner, calling the sky down or causing to people to be swallowed by the earth as she laughs from above.
      • The first spell matches the 9th level Meteor Swarm description (Sorcerer spell)
      • The second spell matches the 8th level Earthquake description (Sorcerer/Druid/Cleric spell)
      • She also appears to be able to block scrying attempts, as Gilmore was unable to locate her. (Ep 64)
  • About 4 years ago, a 15 year old woman named Raishan came to the Fire Ashari, seeking refuge. The Ashari took her in, taught her some of their magic, and treated her as one of their own. (Ep 47)
  • In the months before the Conclave’s attack, Raishan took to spending days at a time alone in the Cindergrove. (Ep 57)
  • During Winter’s Crest, Raishan tore open the rift between the Elemental Plane of Fire and the Prime Material Plane using very powerful magic. Old magic, even. (Ep 57)
  • Raishan delighted in frightening the “cattle” of Emon as they ran in terror during the attack. (Ep 39)
  • After the initial attack, she flew with Umbrasyl, and tailed closely behind by Vorugal, towards Syngorn. (Ep 60)
    • Syngorn had been battling an influx of, presumably, Raishan’s lizardfolk followers, along with the aid of the guard from Fort Daxio (Ep 60)
    • The possible impending dragon attack caused Syngorn to flee to the Feywild (Ep 60)
  • After this, the three flew to Westruun, where Umbrasyl and Raishan laid waste to the city. (Ep 47)
    • This would be around the time that Allura lost her connection to Westruun (Ep 40)
    • Vorugal also flew over, but didn’t join in the destruction (Ep 47)
  • Raishan had not been heard from since. (Ep 57)
  • Raishan, disguised as Seeker Asum Emring, arrived in Whitestone and discussed with Vox Machina and Gilmore the situation in Emon, and potential ways to sabotage both Vorugal and Thordak. (Ep 64, 69)
    • This included information about Syngorn and the current location of the army from Fort Daxio, as well as the Ashari and Vox Machina’s current relationship (or lack thereof) with the Clasp. (Ep 64)
    • Primeval Awareness failed to detect her even when Vex was standing right next to her. It appears she has some means of blocking detection of her true nature. (Ep 64)
    • The information provided by Raishan on Thordak in this episode should be viewed with skepticism due to the nature of green dragons.
  • Raishan revealed herself in Episode 69 under the pretense of being an ally in killing Thordak, with the added blackmail that she knows about Whitestone and everything about their plans (or lack thereof). (Ep 69)

Additional Notes on Green Dragons from the MM

Green dragons typically live in caves in the center of forests, occasionally clashing with black dragons for territory of marshy woods or with white dragons for subarctic taiga. Their lairs are surrounded by a perpetual fog that smells of their poison breath. The forest grows in dense thickets that form a maze of pathways leading to the lair at the center. Within 1 mile of its lair, a green dragon leaves no physical evidence of its passage if it wishes and rodents and birds serve as the dragon’s eyes and ears. Larger prey is nonexistent, either having been eaten or run off by the dragon. The lair itself can be filled with roots, vines, and thorns that make the terrain difficult to traverse. In addition, green dragons can use magical fog in their lair to charm creatures within 120 feet.

Green dragons are highly intelligent masters of manipulation and deception that lust for power the way red dragons lust for treasure. They will occasionally ally themselves with sentient creatures, but it is almost always in order to further their own desire for power. They have a particular habit of playing off these creatures’ deepest desires in order to get what they want. When in conflict with other dragons, they will pretend to back down in order to wait and watch for an opportunity to kill the other dragon and claim its lair and hoard.

They also like to stalk their victims before killing them, sometimes for days. If they think the prey is weak, they will play with their food before they eat it, drawing out the fight and enjoying the terror their appearance evokes. Elves are explicitly mentioned as favorite targets of green dragons, which take pleasure in corrupting them and bending them to their will.

Most of this seems to be in line with what we’ve seen from Raishan thus far, in both personality and the description of where her lair used to lie. We do know from the initial attack on Emon that her AC (22) is slightly higher than the MM standard of 21. We don’t know the DC of her poison breath, however, both twins failed with saves of 20, so it is entirely possible that it is exactly what the MM suggests at 22. The damage received (66) is also in line with the suggested MM damage of 22d6, if slightly less than average.