What We Know About Ripley: A Summary

Thanks to @swiper-no-artswiping for the art!

In the last two episodes, Dr. Anna Ripley has re-emerged and refused to be ignored any longer. Since she’s become extraordinarily important once again, we decided to hunt down everything we know about her. Much like the Thordak compendium, we’ve compiled all the times Ripley has been mentioned here. The following is a summary of that information; again, all facts, no speculation, and spoilers up through Episode 67. Proceed with caution.

  • Ripley came to Whitestone with the Briarwoods to help in the excavation and construction of the ziggurat for the ritual they were attempting. She also apparently helped them rebuild and maintain control over the city after the fighting was done. (Ep 24, 29, 33)
  • She tortured Percy in the week after the attack on the castle, looking for information on the castle and possibly other things, but he doesn’t remember much. (Ep 24, 67)
  • Percy tracked her down after building The List and tried to kill her, which is how he wound up in the cell Vox Machina found him in. (Ep 24)
  • Since then, she’s been attempting to duplicate his work from her own experience and other first-hand accounts. (Ep 29, 33, 36)
    • Her initial experiments cost Ripley her right hand, however the Briarwoods’ encounter with Percy in Emon supplied her with the last bits of information required for her to complete her work. (Ep 29, 32, 33, 36, 66)
  • When she learned of Vox Machina’s impending arrival in Whitestone, she attempted to leave, but was imprisoned by the Briarwoods, where she was found by Vox Machina. They released her, and she eventually escaped the city entirely. (Ep 29, 32, 33)
    • This is assuming she told Vox Machina the complete truth in Episode 33. Only one person, Keyleth, made an insight check on her, and it was a 16. Percy cast Friends on her, and she claimed she had no reason to lie, but we don’t actually know what she rolled for her Wisdom Save against the spell. Her notes found in Episode 29 do appear to corroborate what she told them in Episode 33.
    • We don’t know to what extent she was in on Anders’ and Cassandra’s plot to lure Vox Machina, but she seemed to take pleasure in watching Percy squirm from mentioning that they were likely around the corner in Anders’ study. (Ep 33)
    • As Matt alluded to in Episode 67, she likely used magic to hasten her escape from the castle once she got out the doors of Whitestone. (Ep 33, 67)
  • She made her way to Vasselheim, where she purchased a large amount of black powder from Victor, but it is unknown where she went immediately after this purchase. (Ep 43, 57)
  • During this time, she was able to listen in on Percy and Vox Machina via a Message/Scrying enchantment on her first working gun, which Percy had christened Retort and used regularly after the melting of The List in Episode 35. (Ep 67)
    • It is unknown to what extent she was able to/did listen in; however, it is possible that she has heard almost everything Vox Machina has been up to over the last two months, and she certainly is aware of the Vestiges of Divergence. (Ep 66, 67)
    • If the normal rules of Scrying and Message apply, she could not have scryed on Vox Machina while they were in the Feywild or in Scanlan’s mansion (since both are on other planes of existence). It is also possible that the shield in Whitestone blocked scrying via the gun after it was complete, since it was designed for that very purpose. Either case is unknown given the unique natures of both the enchantment on the gun and the Whitestone shield.
  • Ripley reappeared in Ank’Harel with a six-barrel gun, where she “hired” Mistress Asharru to murder her and steal Cabal’s Ruin with five other individuals. (Ep 66, 67)
    • Whether or not these five also carry firearms is unconfirmed, but possible. (Ep 66, 67)
    • This occurred while Vox Machina was in the Feywild, a full week before their arrival in Ank’harel. (Ep 67)
  • Now wearing Cabal’s Ruin, she made her way via ship (normal ship, not skyship) to the Ozmit Sea and the Isle of Glintshore to hunt for Whisper. (Ep 67)
    • The last successful scrying attempt showed her diving underwater at what she believed to be the site of the wreck of the Shrew with five other individuals. (Ep 67)
    • The failed scry attempt connected (so Ripley is alive and on the Material Plane), but Ripley succeeded on a DC 24 Wisdom Saving Throw, blocking Keyleth from obtaining any useful information. (Ep 67)
  • Ripley has been seen twice in the guise of two different older women, and she has replaced her lost hand with a mechanical one. (Ep 32, 33, 57, 67)
    • In addition to disguise magic, she does appear to have other spellcasting capabilities. (Ep 33, 67)
  • Percy considers her to be very intelligent, incredibly dangerous, and quite possibly the “worst mistake he’s ever made.” She is also one of the only people he is actually frightened of. (Ep 67)
    • Despite this, he appears to consider himself the superior craftsman, from his comments to Grog and Scanlan in the conversation about the coolness of mechanical hands. (Ep 57)
  • Ripley “enjoys the challenge” of tinkering and had no interest in the “zealotry” of the Briarwoods- she helped them for the challenge and the money. She is also “fascinated” with Percy’s work. (Ep 33)
  • Her current motives are unknown. Percy suggests that “maybe she wants nothing.” (Ep 67)