Who Wields It Better: Dragon Slayer Longsword

Our post about the Boots of Haste got us thinking about another magical item that has been passed around Vox Machina: the Dragon Slayer Longsword. Who could make the best use of it? As we considered the question, we realized we needed to answer three others:

  • Who deals the most damage with it?
  • Who can deal more damage with it than with their usual weaponry?
  • Who has the best chance of using it on a dragon?

The answer to the first question is, unequivocally, Percy. Percy can deal, on a turn where he uses his Action Surge, an average of 144 damage to a dragon with the sword. If you’re interested in our math, you can click here.

The answer to the second question actually surprised us: Grog, Vax, and Pike deal more damage on average and critically with the DSLS than they do with their usual weaponry (Pike’s is dependent on how she attacks). Not necessarily by a whole lot, though.

The answer to the third question is a little more involved. Of the members of Vox Machina who can wield the sword, all except Pike have the ability to move themselves faster than their walking speed and get off of the ground. Vax can click the Boots of Haste and fly, Percy can Spider Climb, Grog can leap…ferally, Vex can fly on the broom, and Scanlan can cast Dimension Door. 

  • Pike’s mobility is limited to 25 feet in a round, unless: 
    • She is in astral projection winged form and rolls a Natural 20 to leap 35 feet off of a wall. 
    • Vax or Vex flies with her. 
    • Scanlan Dimension Doors with her.
    • She uses her Sprinter’s Boots.
  • Scanlan can go up to 500 feet with Dimension Door, but only as an action, which greatly limits his ability to use the sword effectively, or more effectively than anyone else. 
  • Vex can fly 50 feet in a round on her broom, but can deal far more damage with Fenthras than with the sword. Vex’s spells, in particular, are well-selected for ranged attacks, not melee. 
  • Grog can go 50 feet in a round and leap, but not high enough, most likely, to successfully reach a flying dragon. He now has an attuned weapon that can be thrown, and would likely find success more often with it than the sword. 
  • Percy can walk 30 feet up walls without issue, and circumstantially, that would help a lot. Like Vex, though, he can deal far more damage with Animus than he can with the sword, and have a better chance of staying out of harm’s way. 
  • Which leaves us with Vax. Vax can go farther and faster than anyone else when he has the Boots of Haste and his wings activated. He stands the best chance of staying within melee range of a dragon to use the sword more often than anyone else.

We’re inclined to say that, if Vox Machina can ensure that they can ground a dragon with enough advanced notice to switch attunements, Percy has the potential to deal the most damage with the Dragon Slayer Longsword. However, that’s a whole lot of what-ifs that have to be satisfied, so Vox Machina would be better suited giving the sword to Vax. Grog can deal more damage with it, but the risk of the dragon going out of melee range frequently is not worth Grog switching weapons. Vax deals slightly less damage than Percy or Grog with the sword, but has the best chance of using it more often than anyone else and getting the most benefit from it.