“Why don’t we leave Trinket behind?”

Art by Hankered-Waistline

The fluffiest (and most rotund) member of Vox Machina often makes travel a bit of a puzzle for the party. Ursine loyalty keeps Trinket close to Vex as often as possible. Naturally, there are those who prefer to leave the pets at home, which leads to some interesting (and entertaining) contention.

Credit to @thesingingbadger and @kathatherine for compiling, organizing, and editing the list from the submissions!

01 Arrival at Kraghammer (BurdenedWithNoPurpose, kathatherine)

  • (1:01:27) Laura: “I thought Trinket stayed.” (laughs) Sam: “What is that bear doing here?”
  • (1:02:23) Guard: “If that’s your animal, don’t bring it here!” Vex: “Oh.” Trinket is sent back to the tavern.

02 and 03: None.

05 The Trick About Falling

  • (0:42:17) As the party attempts to flee from the duergar warcamp, Vex realizes, “Where’s Trinket?!” Matt assures her that Trinket was left alone on the other side of the chasm. “You weren’t here.“

06 and 07: None.

08 Glass and Bone (rusty-diamond, thesingingbadger)

  • (1:24:49) Scanlan says, “Why don’t we get across? We’ll come back for Trinket.”
  • (2:29:22) Scanlan sarcastically mutters, “Not Trinket!” after Trinket falls unconscious.

09 and 10: None.

11 The Temple Showdown (rusty-diamond, thesingingbadger)

  • (2:25:59) Concerned for his limited number of spells, Scanlan asks, “Is Trinket worth [a Polymorph spell]?” In the face of her anger, he assures Vex he was being Bizzaro-Scanlan.

13 Escape from the Underdark (dragonmustang01, rusty-diamond)

  • (2:03:06) Sam whispers, “Told you we should have left Trinket behind,” when Trinket is stunned by an Illithid mindblast trying to escape with Vex out the top of the temple.

14 through 16: None.

17 Hubris

  • (2:00:15) Scanlan suggests, “Let’s leave Trinket. Let’s leave Trinket behind,” when the group is about to hunt the hydra. Vax agrees. Vex does not.
  • (2:00:30) Vex begs Scanlan to polymorph Trinket. Scanlan wonders aloud, “Do I know polymorph?”
  • (2:57:56) Laura worries that Trinket is about to be seriously hurt by friendly fire via Tiberius’s fireball. Sam reassures her: “No, no, remember, I said, ‘Leave Trinket behind’?”

18 Trial of the Take Part 1

  • (0:28:10) Scanlan: “Do we get Trinket?” Vex: “Of COURSE, we get Trinket!”
  • (1:05:36) Scanlan says, “Should we leave Trinket? I always want to leave Trinket. He only almost dies every time.”

19 Trial of the Take Part 2 (kathatherine)

  • (1:16:17) “Trinket’s here?” Like you didn’t know, Scanlan.
  • (2:27:28) Scanlan, after Trinket manages to save against Rimefang’s fear effect: “I always believed in you, Trinket.”

20 through 22: None.

23 The Rematch (SinkingMyShips, thesingingbadger)

  • (2:36:48) “Oh, shit, did we leave Trinket behind?” When Vex says no, Scanlan replies, “Okay, good, I’m very concerned.”

24 and 25: None.

26 Consequences and Cows (@TUX3D0_MASK)

  • (2:27:18) Vax suggests that they leave Trinket with Percy. Vex agrees.

27 The Path to Whitestone (kathatherine)

  • (0:20:37) Sam: “I’m just saying that Trinket died already.”

28 The Sun Tree (thesingingbadger)

  • (2:29:45) When discussing casting Seeming on the group before they sneak into Whitestone, Scanlan argues, “Can we just leave Trinket behind? I don’t want to walk in there with a bear!” He compromises by turning Trinket into a donkey.

29 Whispers (thesingingbadger)

  • (1:43:57) “Oh, wait, we could just leave the bear behind.” Guess who said it.
  • (2:21:17) Scanlan whispers, “Let’s leave Trinket,” when the group is trying to stealth.
  • (2:21:33) “I’m just going to say it once. We should leave Trinket. That’s it. I’ve said it. I’m done.” Done. Sure.
  • (2:21:45) “Leave him.”
  • (2:37:12) “Trinket. STAY.”
  • (3:47:05) “Trinket’s downstairs. We should leave Trinket,” while the group discusses setting the house on fire.

30 Stoke the Flames (thesingingbadger)

  • (2:49:44) On Percy’s “Arrow?” gifted to Vex: “It’s a ‘Kill Trinket’ arrow!”

31 and 32: None.

33 Reunions

  • (1:29:40) “Can you dodge, Scanlan?” “We’ll see! Let’s do this. I’ve always loved that bear.” “THAT’S RIGHT! You deserve it! He’s doing it!”
  • (1:37:50) “I Thunderwave them both, OH, OH NO, and I hit Trinket.”

34 Race to the Ziggurat (thesingingbadger)

  • (0:46:36) During a discussion of what to do about the traps if they have to make a quick exit, Scanlan suggests, “We’ll just have Trinket run first.”