Do you have all dice rolls in the history of the show?

We do. From D20 rolls to damage rolls, you can find the tables for each episode here.

Do we know the items, proficiencies, alignments, height, weight, ages, spell slots, spell names, and anything else that might appear on a character sheet for each character?

Short answer: Basically! Long answer: We have recreated the character sheets of every player character (guests included) at each level to the best of our knowledge. Some of these are more complete than others (especially with the assistance of the cast!), so, if the information is not present there, that either means that we still need to add it, or it has not been made available to us yet. You can always find the link to each character’s sheets by clicking on their corresponding character card on this page.

How much damage has Vox Machina done and taken individually, as a group, to themselves, etc?

We have this table for how much damage each PC has taken, and this table for how much damage they have dealt.

Do you have a list of all of Scanlan’s songs? What about the songs he has parodied, or the number of inspirations he’s given?

Say no more: Limericks, too:

Do you have a list of all NPCs that have appeared on Critical Role, along with the spelling of their names and every detailed description that has been provided for them?

Indeed we do. Many of the spellings are our best guesses; as we get spelling confirmations, we’ll make note of them.

Do you have a list of all Critmas gifts the cast has received?

Yep! All Critmas gifts received during episodes are logged here. Comments are open, so if information is missing that you know the answer to, feel free to comment on the applicable tab and we’ll update when we can.

Do you have a list of all the shippable moments between [my favorite ship]?

We welcome our volunteers to regularly contribute to what they feel constitute such moments on their ship. If you feel your ship is under-represented, let us know, and we can open up a document for you to contribute to it. It can then be found with the rest of the shipping documents here.

Can you tell Matt and the cast that the numbers they said are wrong, so they can fix them?

We could, but we also prefer to lead by example and observe & record without interference. While they can throw our numbers off from time to time and have a drastic impact on the story, mistakes are part of the game, and the story goes the direction it goes. If the players want to contest or fix those, we’ll leave it up to them to do so. It’s their game and their story.

Can you tell me how many times the players have forgotten a rule or useful item, or miscalculated or misused their abilities?

We love the cast, and as much as we here at CritRoleStats try to keep track of every rule, every item, and every number, the nature of the game is that when you’re in the middle of the game, you’re going to forget stuff, or merely choose a different path (sometimes of more resistance). Even if the intention is meant it to be helpful, it comes across as invasive and nitpicky. When in doubt, err on the side of empathy and kindness. We’re not here to rules-lawyer, just count!

How many times have the players said @#*! or some creative curse?

We have no problem with strong language, but we still want to keep the language (relatively) clean on the site. (Also, my mother reads this. Hi, Mom!)

How many times has…

Check the Running Stats page, where you can find links to a number of lists that we keep updated on a regular basis. If the list you’re looking for isn’t there, try searching the site to see if we’ve tracked it before.

Who of Vox Machina has the most/least…

Check the Rankings page, where we keep track of the standings among the players. Even if the page itself hasn’t been updated, each of the corresponding links on the Running Stats page are almost always updated shortly after the Youtube video is available.

But that doesn’t have the number of times of the thing I want to ask, and I’ve already searched the rest of the blog to see if you’ve counted it before!

Good for you for looking first! In that case, our ask boxes are wide open for you, and we’ll get to your request when we can. If we have to rewatch the full series to get it, there’s a good chance we’ll pass on it, but… You can certainly try!

You guys put in a ton of work on this! Is there a some way we can donate?

Thanks for noticing! Maintaining the site has become another full time job for us. If you can spare a few dollars to keep us going, we have Ko-Fi and Paypal accounts. More donations means more time we’ll be able to spend time on this (and maybe meet some of you at conventions). Thanks to the individuals who have donated already; it is very much appreciated!

I asked a question or have a question to ask, but I’m not sure if you got it or are already working on it. How can I tell?

We keep the status of all works-in-progress are distributed in the tabs of the Current Projects table. We have tables for each season, long term projects, projects that rely on word counts, etc. If you sent in an anonymous ask, we are unable to directly communicate with you, so that’s the best place to see how it’s coming. Speaking of projects…

I want to help! What can I do?

We always need volunteers! The best place to start is to look at the aforementioned Current Projects table for the blank spots. We want you to watch what you want to watch, so if there’s a particular older episode you feel like watching, look for the uncolored squares corresponding to that episode number. Email us to stake your claim, ask questions about the projects you want to work on, and send us the stats. You can also comment on the table with your findings; include the name you want us to use when giving credit.

We also recommend checking out the Critical Role Subreddit FAQ and the Critical Role Wikia as other founts of knowledge!