Are you affiliated with Critical Role?

Nope, merely friends of the show, cast, and crew! As it stands, we have no pull on what goes on the air, and frankly, we like it that way. We also do not have access to the cast’s character sheets or monster stats other than what is available to the general public.

Are you spoiler free?

NO. The instant an official channel lets something out in the wild, we aim to provide it for you, as well. Plan and mute accordingly!

Where can I find…

We highly recommend taking a look through the pages under “Wildemount” if you’re looking for current campaign information, or “Tal’Dorei” if you seek information from the last campaign. The information here ranges from stuff that appears on a character sheet to how many times a particular thing happened to whatever happened to tickle our fancy.

I’ve used the search bar and combed through the archives, and I am very confident that you haven’t tracked the thing I’m curious about. How can I contact you about it?

Good for you for looking first! Our inboxes on Tumblr, Gmail, and Squarespace are wide open for you. We’ll get to your request when we can. If we have to rewatch the full series to get it, there’s a good chance we’ll pass on it, but… You can certainly try!

May we use your data for statistical analysis, and post our findings online?

Of course! We love when people are able to put our work to good use, and we love to see what you discover and create. All that we ask if that you cite back to us, and not just rip and repost the data. Also, use it for good and not evil; don’t use the data to rag on the cast. Speaking of…

Can you tell Matt and the cast that the numbers they said are wrong, so they can fix them?

We could, but we also prefer to lead by example and observe & record without interference. While they can throw our numbers off from time to time and have a drastic impact on the story, mistakes are part of the game, and the story goes the direction it goes. If the players want to contest or fix those, we’ll leave it up to them to do so. It’s their game and their story.

Can you tell me how many times the players have forgotten a rule or useful item, or miscalculated or misused their abilities?

We love the cast, and even though we here at CritRoleStats track every rule, every item, and every number, the nature of the game is that when you’re in the middle of it, you’re going to forget stuff, or merely choose a different path (sometimes of more resistance). Even if the intention is meant it to be helpful, “helping” comes across as invasive and nitpicky. When in doubt, err on the side of empathy and kindness, and let the game be what it is. We’re not here to rules-lawyer, just count and observe!

How many times have the players said @#*! or some creative curse?

We have no problem with strong language, but we still want to keep the language (relatively) clean on the site. (Also, our parents read this. Hi, Mom!)

I put a lot of work into a project you might be interested in. Can you publish it?

We’ve received several submissions from critters, whether it’s double checking our work or a showing off completely new project. We personally proofread and check the math of anything we publish. If it’s a project we’re already working on, we unfortunately have to send it straight to the bin, to avoid inadvertently using your work in ours. Depending on the scope of the project and the amount of time we have designated for the projects we’re already working on, we might not be able to get to it in a timely manner. Still send it, though; we love to see people showing off their stuff!

You guys put in a ton of work into this! Is there a some way we can donate?

Thanks for noticing! Maintaining the site has become another full time job for us, and incurs its own set of expenses. If you can spare a few dollars to keep us going, we have Ko-Fi and Paypal accounts. More donations means more time we’ll be able to spend on this. Thanks to the individuals who have donated already; it is very much appreciated!

I want to help! What can I do?

We appreciate our volunteers! The majority of our tasks are handled in-house, but occasionally we’ll put out calls for ears. In these cases, email us with your intent to help with your preferred means of credit, and we’ll put you to work! We also would like to direct your attention to our pals at CR Transcripts; though they are not currently looking for volunteers, we suggest keeping an eye on them should they need help!

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