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Quick Answers 01

Updated to Episode 1-43

Quick Answers 02

Updated to Episode 1-45

Quick Answers 03

Updated to Episode 1-45

Quick Answers 04

Updated to Episode 1-47

Quick Answers 05

Updated to Episode 1-48

Quick Answers 06

Updated to Episode 1-49

Quick Answers 07

Updated to Episode 1-50

Quick Answers 08

Updated to Episode 1-51

Quick Answers 09

Updated to Episode 1-52

Quick Answers 10

Updated to Episode 1-52

Quick Answers 11

Updated to Episode 1-53

Quick Answers 12

Updated to Episode 1-54

Quick Answers 13

Updated to Episode 1-54

Quick Answers 14

Updated to Episode 1-54

  • Did Keyleth hurt Umbrasyl?

  • When does Scanlan do the Burt Reynolds move?

  • If Percy was given the Boots of Haste, how many attacks would he have per turn?

  • Could Scanlan theoretically Polymorph in Umbrasyl? Could he also Polymorph Vax?

  • When is Critmas?

  • Did Percy use his action surge against Umbrasyl?

  • How long will it take for Umbrasyl to deliver a TPK?

  • Why does Matt have the players double the dice for a crit rather than rolling twice?

  • How often do the dice majorly determine the storyline or sync up in a cinematic way?

Quick Answers 15

Updated to Episode 1-55

Quick Answers 16

Updated to Episode 1-55

  • How much damage could Keyleth have done if her Earth Elemental form teleported inside the dragon?

  • Given the difference between Umbrasyl’s HP and the maximum for an ancient black dragon, would it be reasonable to assume that Vorugal’s HP is somewhere around the 750 mark?

  • Any idea as to how much HP the party had remaining at the end of the Umbrasyl fight?

  • Did we ever find out what Laura whispers to Matt at 31 minutes in episode 41?

  • At some point between Ep30 - 31 the team got a lot more max HP. Scanlan went from 66 max HP to 101. How did that happen? Leveling and Tough.

  • I read on a reddit post by Matt that Trinket was buffed a because the Beastmaster archetype is considered weak. Do we know what the buffs were or is it just the mere fact that he is a bear?

  • How different would the battle with Umbrasyl have been if Grog didn’t do any necrotic damage in the second half?

  • What fighting style and oath did Vax take as a paladin? Is there a reason he didn’t use Divine Smite?

  • What can you tell us about Paladins of the Raven Queen?

  • In the post-Critmas periscope, Matt said (speaking as a Thordak mini) “there aren’t rules in the DM guide for my challenge rating.” Is there anything in particular we can learn from this?

Quick Answers 17

Updated to Episode 1-56

  • Do we know who has the Earrings of Whisper?

  • Did Matt ever explain how he would handle Reincarnate?

  • What episodes did people level throughout the series?

  • What’s the timestamp for when the White Iris is mentioned in episode 56?

  • How many of the episodes that had no combat occurred immediately after a major encounter? Seven.

  • What phrase does Vex use to activate the broom, and can anyone fly it?

  • Vax mentioned in Episode 2 that Umber Hulks are affected by limericks: is that correct in D&D lore?

  • Do you guys have the stats for the twins’ weapons, including which of them requires attunement?

  • I was wondering if you could explain how Scanlan’s mansion works? Or which episode it first comes into play? Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion, Ep47.

  • Can you confirm which tribes of the Ashari that Keyleth has already visited? Air, Earth, Fire.

Quick Answers 18

Updated to Episode 1-57

Quick Answers 19

Updated to Episode 1-58

Quick Answers 20

Updated to Episode 1-58

Quick Answers 21

Updated to Episode 1-59

Quick Answers 22

Updated to Episode 1-60

  • During Liam’s one shot, was Taliesin’s rod just a catalyst for warlock spells) or the actual tentacle rod item?

  • Do you have a list of Liam’s bootleg versions of Mercer’s catch-phrases from his one-shot campaign?

  • What ever happened to their sponsorship by Wyrmwood Gaming?

  • What episode do we hear Trinket speak for the first time?

  • After episode 60, have you considered adding “Polymachina” to the “Ship Moments” page?

  • When is Lycan Percy ever brought up? It’s fanon, not canon.

  • In The Sunken Tomb, did we ever learn why the floor of the lake had no plant growth?

Quick Answers 23

Updated to Episode 1-61

Quick Answers 24

Updated to Episode 1-62

Quick Answers 25

Updated to Episode 1-63

Quick Answers 26

Updated to Episode 1-65

Quick Answers 27

Updated to Episode 1-65

Quick Answers 28

Updated to Episode 1-66

  • How much would it cost to enchant Percy’s Bad News so he can do magical piercing damage and avoid another situation like with the Golem and the Rakshasa?

  • Have NPC sheets have been released for recurring NPCs, particularly Gilmore, Allura, and Kima? Nope.

  • Scanlan’s unseen servant has a name, right? What is it?

  • Does Scanlan’s hand cone make him any louder? Nope.

  • It’d be cool to see the party’s magical items or special items cards, are they posted anywhere?

  • Has Matt mapped out any areas other than Tal'Dorei yet?

  • Where did you find the sheets for their spells that are attached to their character sheets?

  • What is Scanlan’s new charisma after finishing the book? 22 (+6 modifier)

  • When did Scanlan mention about how good Vax looked the morning after staying in Keyleth's room?

  • Is there a list of episodes each player has attended?

  • In episode 65, Percy said he’s never rolled a good investigation check. In their known history, is that true? What’s been his best one?

  • Do we have stats on all the times that Trinket has spoken?

Quick Answers 29

Updated to Episode 1-67

  • Did Pike ever actually order stealthy armor from Gilmore?

  • How close did the group come to defeating the Briarwoods in Emon?

  • How long has it been since Vax’s encounter with the rakshasa? According to traditional rules, assuming Matt keeps those, how long until it will be able to come back?

  • How many times has Grog, or any other player for that matter, rolled a negative on a skill check, i.e. Grog’s Investigation roll in The Streets of Ank'Harel (2:34:42)?

  • Did Vex ever tie the Blazing Bowstring to Fenthras? We don’t know (as of Ep67).

  • Is there any clue at what needs to be done to awaken the vestiges?

  • Is there a list of the times when members of VM had a dream?

  • Have you got it listed when/how often Vax uses his wings?

  • In miles, roughly how large is Emon?

  • Has anyone kept track of the amount of times any other person than Matt has facepalmed?

  • Do we know when the next Critmas is?

  • Does Vex have any melee attacks?

  • Is this possible in standard D&D for Keyleth to live a thousand years, or is it homebrewed? Standard druid L18 ability, Timeless Body.

Quick Answers 30

Updated to Episode 1-67

Quick Answers 31

Updated to Episode 1-69

Quick Answers 32

Updated to Episode 1-70

Quick Answers 33

Updated to Episode 1-71

Quick Answers 34

Updated to Episode 1-72

  • Which oath does Lady Kima follow as a paladin? Vengeance (previously Devotion).

  • Can Kima as a Halfling even wield the Holy Avenger Great Sword she was given?

  • Do we know when Matt came up with this Conclave subplot and the vestiges?

  • If Vex shot Whisper through her bow over 60 feet and hit a target, would Vax teleport with the dagger?

  • Has anyone ever asked Matt about how much time he puts into preparing the game each week?

  • Are the Crystal Chateau in Marquet and Whitestone on exactly opposing sides of the world? No.

  • By how much did Critters make the sales of the ‘Into the Woods’ soundtrack increase after [Ep72]?

  • Do we know roughly what items, gems, gold etc Vox Machina is holding on to?

  • Should Vox Machina go after the last vestige, The Plate of the Dawn Martyr?

Quick Answers 35

Updated to Episode 1-74

Quick Answers 36

Updated to Episode 1-76

  • Does Raishan have a class or did Matt just add spells to the monster stats?

  • How much gold did Percy spend on Victor’s gunpowder so far?

  • I’m confused on how percentile dice work, regarding to Pike’s Divine Intervention against Vorugal.

  • Why don’t you have [recent equipment change/new spell] on your character sheet for [character]?

  • Who has Scanlan inspired the most?

  • Do you guys happen to know how to pronounce “Klossowski”? koh-WAHL-skee.

  • Is the group now equal to Allura’s (and possibly Kima, etc.) level?

  • How much time was left on Vox Machina’s timetable to kill Vorugal for the Ravinites? Assuming they would have spent 2 days in the Fire Plane, could they have gotten the armor before killing Vorugal?

  • Did Sam post the new item stats for Mythcarver? Do we have any idea what Mythcarver’s awakened state does? Also how it was awoken?

  • Who is the most likely candidate as a spy against VM for Thordak?

  • In Episode 76, the erinyes used her reaction to parry one of Grog’s attacks (1:27:00). Did she have her longsword in hand to do so?

  • Could you possible make an educated guess at what the estimated age difference is between Pike and Scanlan?

  • As of Episode 76, how long has it been since Percy died? 8 days.

Quick Answers 37

Updated to Episode 1-76

Quick Answers 38

Updated to Episode 1-77

Quick Answers 39

Updated to Episode 1-77

Quick Answers 40

Updated to Episode 1-78

Quick Answers 41

Updated to Episode 1-79

  • Where does Talks Machina get their footage from with the little character portraits underneath them with their hit points and all that? Alpha.

  • How long in game time has it been since the last Winter’s Crest festival?

  • When did Matt say, “I’m not going say it, but the sun is high in the sky,” or something similar?

  • Has any additional information been given for the Raven's Slumber Crystal other than storing 1 not-so-large creature?

  • What episode did Taliesin get the IRL Cabal’s Ruin? And which other vestiges were given IRL to the cast and when?

  • Who killed the dragons of the Conclave?

  • What app(s) do you use during game to assist with recalling rules, spells, etc?

  • Did Vex ever use the dragon slaying arrow they found after killing Rimefang?

  • Any details on Travis’ / Grog’s level up and seeming multi-class into fighter stats?

  • Does Fenthras’ +13 include Vex’s Archery fighting style (+2 to Attack rolls with ranged weapons)?

  • When Taliesin crits he gets a superiority die back, correct? Is that a feat, part of a fighter or gunslinger archetype, or a homebrew rule?

  • Has Scanlan ever expressed any attraction to any male characters?

Quick Answers 42

Updated to Episode 1-79

Quick Answers 43

Updated to Episode 1-80

Quick Answers 44

Updated to Episode 1-80

Quick Answers 45

Updated to Episode 1-81

Quick Answers 46

Updated to Episode 1-83

Quick Answers 47

Updated to Episode 1-84

  • When can the dice on Cabal’s Ruin be used, in regards to crits?

  • What episode is that one Liam O’Brien meme face from?

  • Re: the boots of haste: you say Vax can do more damage when he uses sneak attack, but Vax can only use sneak attack once per turn, and he’s always used it at the top of his turn. So sneak attack damage shouldn’t factor in, should it?

  • I know you said you aren’t taking requests that require a full-series rewatch, but–

  • Which guests have been on the most?

  • Looking to know what the name of Percy’s scarves are. They aren’t named.

  • I don’t suppose you happen to know what style of coat Percy wears?

  • Does Matt allow Grog to use with Great Weapon Master on the Dwarven Thrower?

Quick Answers 48

Updated to Episode 1-85

  • Who was it that killed each member of the Conclave & with what attack?

  • Did Vex drop demons as her favorite enemy? Not to our knowledge.

  • How does the Spire of Conflux work? Can Keyleth cast those spells at higher levels? Does she have to spend more charges?

  • Do you have a list of at least one time each member of VM introduced themselves individually?

  • Has Matt ever yawned on screen? Probably.

  • Are the character sheet PDFs custom, or is there a blank template for Google Docs?

  • Do we know anything about the dragonborn paladin Taliesin played in the very first game?

  • Have there ever been any instances of double Natural 20s on disadvantage, or double Natural 1s on advantage?

  • What was the QR code on Sam’s mug?

  • Is your spelling of Taryon’s name on your Twitter the confirmed spelling or best guess?

  • What kind of artificer is Taryon?

Quick Answers 49

Updated to Episode 1-86

Quick Answers 50

Updated to Episode 1-89

Quick Answers 51

Updated to Episode 1-93

Quick Answers 52

Updated to Episode 1-96

Quick Answers 53

Updated to Episode 1-99

  • How did Vax’s 2 for stealth turn into a 37?! Reliable Talent and Pass Without a Trace.

  • Who has Earrings of Whisper?

  • Has Matt ever stated the city colors of Emon? No.

  • Do we know what the magic item is that Tary gave to Vax to use against Grog in episode 95? We don’t know (as of Ep99).

  • How much experience would Kerrek have earned for killing Raishan? We don’t know.

  • Do you track how many times someone has said…?

  • What were the relative probabilities of Grog drawing helpful or harmful cards when he drew 5 from the Deck?

  • Do we know how many days are in a Tal’Dorei year?

  • Do you have any familiarity with the Totem of the Duck?

  • Is there an Average Die Roll stat, and is @executivegoth at the top, or does it just seem that way?

  • How much money did Tary use in that battle royale?

  • What did Grog take damage from on his retaliation attack on Tary? Fire Shield.

  • Is there a percentage for the number of gun breaks on Animus?

  • Aren’t Pike’s and Grog’s parents still roaming around?

  • Based on when Scanlan mentioned The Meat Man, would Vox Machina have known of his alias?

Quick Answers 54

Updated to Episode 1-102

  • Does your stat on time passed in-game count the time skips? Yes.

  • On average, how many rounds of combat do VM's fights last? And which fight has taken the most rounds?

  • Do you know where I can get a pdf, preferably fillable version of the character cards they show on stream?

  • That infographic is amazing. Who designed it?

  • When did Keyleth deal 660 damage in one round?!

  • Why didn’t you put [moment] on your favorites list? It’s not a favorite moment of ours.

  • Do you know where I can find a list of Scanlan’s songs?

  • Because Episode 12 isn't a VM episode, does that mean, technically, the entire count is off?

  • Did Lionel’s ducks count as NPCs to the tally?

  • What is the highest and lowest number that each VM member can get for their saving throws?

  • Do you know the current resurrection DC's of each member of VM?

  • Does Keyleth have a spell slot left to get them home to Whitestone right away or does it look like they'll have to spend the night in the Feywild?

Quick Answers 55

Updated to Episode 1-107

Quick Answers 56

Updated to Episode 1-109

  • How many times / when the group has used "Jenga?"

  • How many times has Pike had a single-digit initiative? 22.

  • On the Critical O'Brien Full Circle episode, apart from Marisha and Matt at the beginning, what was shouted, and by whom?

  • I'm trying to remember an episode where Keyleth told Vex she loved her, and Vex thought she confused them again.

  • How much has Vex successfully haggled from original prices?

Quick Answers 57

Updated to Episode 1-110

  • What’s the fastest Vax can possibly get?

  • What’s the most damaging attack Vox Machina’s dealt/taken?

  • Do you have a list of all the times that each member of VM has either been knocked unconscious or killed by a single attack, and alternatively has knocked unconscious or killed an enemy with a single attack?

  • How many times has Vax used Divine Smite on a throwing attack?

  • Do you have a list of the Talks Machina After Dark hosts?

  • How many times Percy can fire his gun per action. Is it one shot per attack?

  • Have you ever published a timeline of Vox Machina's adventures?

  • Do you guys have the details for all the ships and crew that VM have hired? How many of those have they abandoned?

  • How high did Grog’s Strength get with Craven Edge?

  • How does Delilah keep coming back? Do they need to kill her with holy water or sunlight or on sacred ground?

  • Was there ever a point when Vex used the Revised Ranger or has she always been a PHB ranger?

  • I feel like I've seen a list of the CR Cast's Q&As somewhere?

Quick Answers 58

Updated to Episode 1-115

Quick Answers 59

Updated to Episode 2-04

  • How soon do you update your character sheets?

  • How much time has passed since Vox Machina’s conclusion and the beginning of the new campaign?

  • Why the h*ck does Sam have “Front Butt” on his mug in Ep2-02?

  • What are some of the things in the new campaign that you're keeping regular track of?

  • How should I contact you if I have a question during the live shows?

  • What was the bonus that Marisha got for the new campaign from the Level 20 Battle Royale?

  • Could you compare Keyleth and Beau’s animal handling checks?

  • How many episodes started with an initiative roll? 17.

  • How many times has a 0 been rolled? Twice in this campaign, six times in the first.

Quick Answers 60

Updated to Episode 2-09

  • Are you tracking NEINS? Ja.

  • Are you tracking the number of nines rolled in both the first campaign and this campaign?

  • How many times has Frumpkin been killed?

  • Is there a page of Shipping Moments for the current campaign?

  • Who are the allowed deities of worship in Zadash?

  • Can you describe Molly’s tattoos?

  • When did Sam get his mug in the first campaign?

  • What was different about the trap in the Raven Queen's champion's tomb in Campaign 1? Are there rules or precedent for that?

Quick Answers 61

Updated to Episode 2-14

  • How do you track it when Liam announces a roll as “total balls”?

  • Are you keeping track of the number of insight checks between Campaign 1 and Campaign 2? Yep.

  • Are you tracking total healing given/done (via spells and other abilities, not rests) this campaign? Yep.

  • How many episodes in a row had Matt made the pre-credits face? 7.

  • How many times has Matt clapped before the intro video in Campaign 2, Episode 1? 55.

  • Is there an updated list for the CR character sheets, ASI or feats, New Gear, Magical Items?

  • Is there a historical page for past versions of the character sheets page?

  • How many times has the cast of Critical Role broken into song this season?

  • Have you guys ever done a poll to find out where people are watching from, and whether they shirk their terrible time zones to watch live?

  • When did we learn that Pumat Sol knits? Episode 13.

  • Has Beau ever not hit on a woman?

Quick Answers 62

Updated to Episode 2-19

  • Periodic reminder to check our archive for frequently asked questions

  • Can you track the attuned items of the Mighty Nein? Here, and on Wildemount General Stats

  • Can you add CRS’s Favorite Moments to the General Stats dropdown menu? Done!

  • How many times Caleb asked for Paper and Ink from The Gentleman? 3

  • Are there any plans to track how much Caleb spends on his spells/spellbook?

  • How much gold Caleb has spent on “fine ink and parchment”? 650 gp

  • Can you create an Indiana Jones style travel map of where TM9 has been?

  • When was the last time we had Crit Role PVP within a campaign? Campaign 1, Episode 99

Quick Answers 63

Updated to Episode 2-21

  • Do we know how old The Mighty Nein members are? Caleb, Nott, Kiri, Beau, Molly

  • Is it possible for Caleb to learn Leomund's Tiny Hut (a 3rd level spell) before the next level up?

  • Reference list for who Kiri the Kenku is quoting when she has lines?

  • Can you track “Don’t F*** Me Gil”? This stat has been retired

  • You should also track everytime the Metagaming Pigeon makes an appearance! Also retired

  • When do you update the character cards? Monday or Tuesday after they're available

  • How many times has Disguise Self been cast? 35

  • Is there a reason you post on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of during the weekend?

Quick Answers 64

Updated to Episode 2-25

  • Will you track the number of times Matt claps before the opening credits? No.

  • How many nines has the Mighty Nein rolled? 132

  • How many nines has Vox Machina rolled? 246

  • Please tell me your are compiling a list of Kiri's sayings and their origin. I need it for reasons. Soooooooon.

  • Would you have the number of times and timecodes the cast has referenced Hamilton?

  • The stone that Fjord absorbed, did it reappear in the guard or the pommel of his falchion?

  • When the falchion absorbed the Wastehunter Blade, did the falchion get serrations on the spine of the blade?

  • Fjord sometimes casts Eldritch Blast from , was/is there a gem on the pommel of his falchion?

  • What items have been consumed by the falchion? Wastehunter Blade, cat’s eye stone

  • Is there a published map of the entire world for both campaigns anywhere? Not yet.

  • Are there any plans to track Yasha’s flower collection?

  • Is there a list of times the party has earned and spent money? Items, yes. Money, no.

  • Are you still tracking the number of times Matt says stuff in Campaign 1? Probably not.

  • Have you reverse engineered the cost of Victor’s gunpowder? Learn from my mistakes.

  • What year did Vox Machina defeat Vecna? Misuthar 15, 813 PD.

  • What was the spireling going to do to Vax when they declined to make the deal with the Clasp during the Chroma Conclave arc? Never clarified.

Quick Answers 65

Updated to Episode 2-29

  • Hey! Spoilers! SPOILERS! Yep! Mute #CriticalRole and/or #TalksMachina on Twitter or #critical role spoilers on Tumblr until you're caught up!

  • How many times has zero been rolled? 5 by players, 1 by Matt.

  • How many times did Keg declare that she was aroused? Eight.

  • What occasions in-game caused the players to level up?

  • What was the in-game date that the Vox Machina Campaign finished? Cuersaar the 13th.

  • Can we have the stats for Sam's Nat1s for this campaign? Go to the Rankings page.

  • Mid-live show HP questions? Probably won't get seen/answered.

  • Will you tell the cast when they've misused abilities? No.

  • Who was the first person @matthewmercer has said "F*** you" to in the party? Check CRTranscript.

  • Who has he said that the most to? Check CRTranscript.

  • How often has @matthewmercer has apologized for @samriegel, like post his sponsor shout out last night to @DnDBeyond? Check CRTranscript.

  • Do you keep track of how many times Liam references Shakespeare? Media references are here.

  • What is the number of crits to noncrits that that Taliesin rolled with the golden snitch in the first campaign? We have no way of tracking that.

  • Which character took less time to have a piece of fanart published since it was revealed outside the official artists? We have no way of tracking that.

Quick Answers 66

Updated to Episode 2-31

  • Stats for Fjord’s falchion with the Summer’s Dance enchantment?

  • Do you have a count on the total number of sets of manacles they've found?

  • Do you know how many bolts had Nott fired so far? 104

  • How many of the players have Vox Machina tattoos?

  • What do we know about TM9 families so far, like members and names?

  • Do we know if anyone is looking for the Beacon? Unknown.

  • If we happen to either (a) keep tabs on something that you don't or (b) find something that you missed (such as a pun, media ref, etc), would you like us to send those over to you to keep stats together in one place? Check to make sure we haven’t already done it, then email usask us through our site, or message us on Tumblr.

  • What’s the average length of the intermission for the Wildemount Campaign? Running Times chart

  • How close did Vox Machina get to killing the kraken? Kraken Monster Analysis

  • Is Dairon a drow? Nope, non-drow elf

  • How many times did the mighty Matthew Mercer use the word cacophonous in campaign 1? The search feature is your friend!

  • Did you ever keep track of every time Percy’s gun locked up on him? Yep.

    Which episode did Sam sing the song that eventually became the video for D&D Beyond? Episode 2-07

Quick Answers 67

Updated to Episode 2-34

  • Can you keep track of how many times the dodecahedron has been used, and how many of those times it’s been used to reroll something? Yes

  • How can Beau buy extra reactions with her ki? Mind of Mercury feature

  • Where can I find information about past one-shots? Articles here, running times here

  • Is there a comparison to the number of times players rolled with advantage versus disadvantage in Campaign 1?

  • Where does Shared Passage come from? Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron

  • Can you list every time Liam used the Bane voice?

  • Did Vex ever use a melee weapon? Yes

  • How much has Caleb spent on paper and ink?

  • How many times has Nott had her drinks paid for her?

  • What’s the deal with the mobile version of your site?

Quick Answers 68

Updated to Episode 2-42

  • How many days has Yasha been with the party? 49 of 106 total

  • How many days has Caduceus been with the party, compared to Mollymauk? Caduceus 66, Molly 39

  • What service does Sam use for his t-shirts? YoShirt and RageOn

  • What things has Caduceus decomposed?

  • Have you tracked Caleb's PTSD wisdom saves?

  • What’s the range of Retort? 60/240

  • Which episode does Liam look at the camera and say, “This is a GAME?!” Episode 1-78 (2:26:00)

  • Which of Mollymauk’s cards did we see?

  • Did we ever learn who the Deck of Many Things belonged to before Thordak? Not yet

  • Can you track how many times Matt says…? Nope, we done.

Quick Answers 69

Updated to Episode 2-46

  • How many times has double Natural 1s been rolled?

  • Most Nat20s in an episode? 14: 1-55, 1-61, 1-100, and 2-26.

  • What spells has Caleb gotten from leveling and what spells has he gotten from copying?

  • When did Jester find out that the accent Fjord uses is not his real accent? 2-03

  • When was the first mention of Percy’s legacy in campaign 2? 2-14

  • I started watching at S2E1. Should I go back and watch S1? Is it too much to watch them in parallel? Will I be sucked in & not come up for months? Do iiiiiiit. Options listed to catch up.

  • Where did the broken sword come from? Caduceus bought it from Pumat Sol

  • Can Yasha's rage counter specify whether it was Ashley or another player who initiated the rage?

  • Hey! I found a reference that you should add! Great! Please timestamp it!

  • Since you’ve kept track of all of Matt’s face palms, could you calculate what percentage have been Sam’s fault? Estimates sit at 47.96%

  • Real question: has Matt SURVIVED a one-shot yet? Yes

  • What is the likelihood that all of Vox Machina rolled natural 1s less than 5% of the time?

Quick Answers 70

Updated to Episode 2-49

  • Live shows attendance numbers? Unknown, but max occupancy of 12,134

  • What was the first time a member of the M9 has said "love you" to another member?

  • Are you tracking whispers for the new campaign? Totes.

  • Are you tracking healing from potions in this campaign? Yep!

  • Do you have the list of books the Nein have come across?

  • Do the Nein still have an active quest for the Gentleman involving Marius? Nope.

  • How many times has Caleb cast Haste on each member of The Mighty Nein?

  • Episode with fewest dice rolls? Ep 1-73 (8), or Ep 2-30 (19)

  • What are the battle map actions for the Epic Level Battle Royale?

  • Do you think you could hyperlink your posts on Tumblr to the post on your site that you’re talking about? Tumblr is the worst.

Quick Answers 71

Updated to Episode 2-50

  • Was Perkins the first guest player to ever lose a PC in the main campaign? Yep.

  • Was Spurt the quickest entrance and exit of a guest? Yes, at 22:25. Previous record: Will and Mary Elizabeth at 27:59 in Episode 1-114

  • What does AoO mean [in your livetweeting]? Attack of opportunity

  • How many times Liam/Caleb has cast Alarm? 140 instances
    How many different/unique spells Caleb has cast so far in the campaign? 43 unique spells

  • How many times has Jester healed the party? 60 times

  • Any link to see the leveling progress of TM9? Level progress here

  • Did anyone remember M9's 8th level stats? 8th level stats update here

  • How much did The Mighty Nein get from the ship they pirated?

  • Have you got a number for the collective number of attacks Percy has made with firearms?

  • Did Matt ever mention that VM missed some of the Vestiges of Divergence during their campaign?

  • All "Spurt" jokes? Media References and Puns post for episode 50

  • How long have The Mighty Nein been traveling together? In-Game Time Passed

  • Has there been any evidence of the Nein getting haircuts or can I assume everyone is getting shaggy?

  • Is anyone keeping count of how many times Sam asks Laura what Blessing of the Trickster does? Not us; check out CRTranscript

  • Summary of all of Fjord's dreams/visions? Our post on Fjord and Uk’otoa, and the corresponding quote compendium

Quick Answers 72

Updated to Episode 2-56

  • Search for Grog character sheets? Yep!

  • Can you track triggering topics, or topics that might be inappropriate for kids? Check out Does the Dog Die

  • How much damage has Sprinkle the Weasel avoided? 143

  • Do you have a list of all the Beauregard puns? Yeah bruh

  • How many M9 sessions has Ashley been on? Check the attendance chart for latest number

  • How many times each word has appeared in each of Fjord’s dreams?

  • Damage enemies did to the party vs damage the party did to themselves in episode 55? 286 damage from enemies vs. 280 damage from their own party.

  • Is Revivify under the same resurrection ritual requirement as longer-casting spells? Nope.

  • How many episodes had Caduceus been with party since he died, compared to Molly's time with the Nein? Molly: 26 episodes. Caduceus: 28 episodes.

  • Does stabilization from the Periapt of Wound Closure erase existing failed saves?

  • Has Beau used Stillness of Mind? Yes, in episode 2-55.

  • Is episode 55 the worst collective rolling by the party? Nope.

  • Will you add or update to articles from over two years ago? Nope.

Quick Answers 73

Updated to Episode 2-61

  • How many of each Kickstarter reward will have to be manufactured?

  • How many shots were taking during the campaign end party? 55 shot glasses of tea.

  • What is Caleb’s Cat’s Ire spell? Bigby’s Hand, reskinned

  • How good a boy is Henry? 14/10

  • Full list of demons that have appeared in Campaign 2?

  • What episodes are covered by Critical Recap?

  • Do you guys track main character descriptions, specifically any wardrobe changes?

  • Who has flirted more, Scanlan or Jester? Scanlan

  • Can you tell the cast they messed up, or tell us when they do? No. Stop it.

Quick Answers 74

Updated to Episode 2-69

  • How many hours of content has been announcements? 36 hours, 19 minutes, 58 seconds

  • Has there been any indication that Essek Thelyss levitates everywhere because he is missing a leg? Updated for 2-75: Two limbs confirmed by snowtracks

  • How many days has Yasha spent with the Nein? 114 of 176 days

  • How many times has Matt said he is sorry after one of Sam's sponsor intros? Seven

  • Can you map out the room designations for the Xhorhaus? Check the CRWiki!

  • When was the first mention of "Critters"? How did Critters come to be? Episode 1-10

  • Is there a table of spells cast by enemies and NPCs? No, often impossible to track

  • Your posts (which are all excellent) tend to not link to the Youtube video they're about. Is this deliberate policy?

  • How many different times has the Mighty Nein fled from or knowingly avoided a hostile encounter compared to the amount they have actually fought? Too subjective to say

  • Do you have a stat for how many different voices or accents Matt has done for both campaigns thus far?

  • Do you have a stat block for Gilmore? No, but Runechild sorcerer of at least L13

  • Do you know the date and year that the Chroma Conclave first attacked? Duscar 22, 812

  • Do you know th date and year that Vox Machina defeated the Conclave? Misuthar 9, 812

  • How long did it take for VM to defeat the Conclave? 48 days

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